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Oh, what a night!

August 16, 2010

To be quite honest, I’ve been sitting on a stack of pictures that would tell the story of my last month—new job, new city, still living out of suitcases, the incredible food that would appear from my friends kitchen, my new place, moving all my stuff over in van loads via a ferry, the hours of painting I’ve done, deciding painting is the new running (or any exercise activity), and the squeals of glee as my kitchen wares are unpacked.

I could tell you about the amazing delis and bakeries that line the nearby streets, my first few visits to the grocery store that beats all other grocery stores (well, until I visit here), the fact that I still haven’t managed to find a gym, or the night I set the soles of my feet on fire getting lost walking around Yaletown after visiting here.

I could tell you that I still haven’t painted my baseboards, leaving most of my stuff still in the middle of the living/dining room, I don’t have dressers for my clothes so being the resourceful gal I am I’ve turned Ikea metal shelving into makeshift dressers. And I’ve made a walk-in closet of sorts in my storage area. Or that I’ve just noticed the spider webs decorating my dining room chandelier. Yes. I said chandelier. I’m living in fancy digs nowadays 😉

I could tell you about the epic fail that was my visit to the new Lululemon Factory Outlet store, and the discovery of what must be the largest Winners on the planet (and the fact I bought a winter sweater on hottest day of the year) and,  in addition to snacking on Greek yogurt I apparently now slather it on my face as moisturizer (or at least that’s what the salesperson told me, I can’t read the Greek packaging).

But really, nothing can compare to my experience tonight.

See, I went to a picnic in the park, and parked behind a line of cars. Cars also came and parked behind me. I didn’t think twice about it and headed off down the hill and around the corner to find my group. Hours, and lobster in colour, later I drag my bowl of leftovers, my metal spoon, and a new friend across the park and up and hill… and…. my car is gone.


I calmly inform the poor, poor soul who I had offered a ride home too that my car had been towed. I walk down to a parking sign, call the number listed, and get verbal confirmation that yes my car is sitting in their impound lot. After a text to one of the last few remaining people at the picnic (and their subsequent mix-up about off ramps and their ending up travelling over a bridge and back to pick us up), I get into the car and head to a lot less than 10 minutes from my home. I mean, I guess it was convenient?! Also, let it be noted that I did not cry, freak out or in any way meltdown. I’m not sure where this calm person came from, this is a new side of myself I have yet to meet.   DSC01607

Here I am (in a new cute top!) at 9PM, after I had paid my fine and grabbed the receipt (without looking at it, this is important people):


Here is what I did at 9:30PM:IMG00291-20100815-2148

I followed my rescuers in shining armor (or a white Echo), to Mario’s Gelato, where I had my first ever taste of gelato. And it certainly won’t be my last. Black Forest. Mmmmm….

Once I got home, slather Greek yogurt on my face and got into my pj’s, I took a better look at my towing receipt. It seems the nice new city I know call home decided to give me a "welcome” present. It was really sweet of them and they really didn’t have too… stapled to the back on my towing receipt is a nice $50 parking ticket. After bursting out laughing, because really, what else can I do (?!) and really, how much more ridiculous can this evening become (?!), I’m now drinking one of these:

IMG00292-20100815-2344And yes, that is the parking ticket in front of it. And no, Mr. Parking Man, my car is not red in colour. Can I dispute the ticket on the basis that they recorded my car colour incorrectly?!


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  1. August 16, 2010 7:25 am

    Nice job staying calm. That’s a total excuse for a freak out in my book.

    I got my car towed my first week at college. I had to ask girls that I hardly knew for a ride and $300 in cash to get my car released. It was so uncomfortable, but I paid them back quickly.

    Good job keeping it all in stride.

  2. August 16, 2010 8:46 pm

    You might be able too. One time Eric’s mom got stopped for speeding and he accidentally ticked “male” instead of “female” on the ticket and she disputed it and she won!

    Parking tickets are a bitch aren’t they? I got a $30 one a few weeks ago when I went to the Farmers Market. I was PISSED!!

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