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The weekend I became a food blogger

August 22, 2010

The weekend started innocently enough, picking up my very first visitor from Victoria, Sherri,  from the ferry to spend the weekend and go to a concert. After finally finding parking at IKEA, we ventured into the crazy world of the Richmond Night Market and quickly realized everything is better eaten on a stick.

Buble Weekend

Hurricane potatoes (twisty potatoes, deep fried with parmesan and garlic), roasted corn on the cob (with butter, salt, parmesan and chili flakes), BBQ meat (I think my friend had a pork) and, what makes angels sing (as per the description on Sherri’s facebook page), DEEP FRIED OREOS!!!

Oh dear, I know I should probably tell you they were horrible and so not worth it, but I can’t. Deep fried goodness, then drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauces. AH-MAZING

We abstained from these:


That would be octopus. Not sure how you eat them on a stick, nor did I want to find out. Also, not on a stick, but mighty good:

IMG00305-20100820-2312 That would be lime-lemonade and cherry-lemonade. Oh, and I bought 2 pashminas. Sherri remarked it was like being transported back to her trip to Thailand. And, as we were leaving, we bought this:

IMG00308-20100820-2329 We had BIG dreams for the coconut.

The next morning, after making a homemade breakfast of scrambled eggs & bacon, I set to work dismantling the coconut. Um, let’s just say that if I should ever find myself on a deserted island with only coconuts as food, let’s all pray I have a machete handy. Or, needle nosed pliers and a hammer. I’ll have to wait until I’m sent pictures of the coconut massacre before I can add those. We turned the coconut into homemade pina coladas later that night.DSC01622

After dragging Sherri walking around the seawall and shopping downtown, we returned to my place and went to the Cuban restaurant “Havana”, where we consumed amazing red wine sangria, prawns, and shared two entrees… one was a rice and skirt steak dish (um, so good, even better the next day as leftovers!) and a Latin burger with yam fries and chipotle aioli.

In case you are wondering, yes, the burger is topped with chorizo sausage, lettuce, two types of cheese, tomatoes and guacamole. We rolled home, well, as best as you can roll up hilly streets, with a large amount of leftovers 🙂

The whole point of the weekend was to go to the Michael Buble concert. The concert was really good. Kind of surprised, not going to lie 😉 There is something to be said for seeing a performer do a show in their hometown, and gave special meaning to his song “Home” when he sang it from the back of the arena. Also, his Grandpa is super cute. The opening act was Naturally 7. They are a group of  shocking 7 guys that have no instruments but use their voices in place of a band. Kind of crazy and they are out of this world. Added bonus, not bad to look at! (I believe I overheard someone say “I’d like to touch their muscles.”) Back to Buble, he sang his hits, made fun of the Zombie walk that had occurred that afternoon (No really, it’s a parade of some sort. While we were having sangria on the patio, we saw zombies skateboarding by… It’s crazy odd to say the least), and he broke out the moonwalk.

DSC01640 He finished the night by singing a few lines of one of his songs, without his band, and without singing into the microphone, and no one in the arena missed a word he sang:

DSC01644 Sorry for the picture quality, we ended up higher than high in the balcony. Also, I have NO idea what the fuzzy stuff in the bottom left corner is.

And before Sherri can whine more about how far we walked, we only walked 13 kilometers total (I totally used to figure that out) and I didn’t make her hike up the Grouse Grind like I said I would! We did however hit up 3 Costcos in search of a handbag.

I’ll leave you now with what was seriously the food highlight of the weekend. Calories? What calories?!


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  1. August 22, 2010 8:54 pm

    Yay for a visitor! Looks like a fantastic weekend!!!

  2. crazy hiker chick permalink
    August 22, 2010 9:56 pm

    I think I have to plan a trip over to see you after WCT……..Deep fried oreos sound intriguing!

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