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The night I didn’t win $10,000

September 9, 2010

Tonight I attended a radio contest event at a furniture store.


I can’t really explain how I was invited, I vaguely remember entering a contest for $10,000 in free furniture, I think from EQ3’s website (I’ve visited A LOT of furniture sites lately), which resulted in receiving an email from the radio station (Virgin 95.3), and finally directions to a store on South Granville.

Since I’m living the ultra fabulous life of camping chair couches and side table boxes, who I am to pass up the chance at free furniture?

So off I went to South Granville, read the parking signage 5 times and prayed I wouldn’t be towed again, and found the store.

After meandering around the store for 45 minutes and having a nice chat with both of the radio people, morning announcers Nat & Drew (who are both very nice, funny (aside from Drew’s bingo jokes) and personable), it was time for the contest, which involved having our number drawn from a bin, our choosing a DVD from the shelf and then seeing if the DVD had the special recorded “YAY YOU WIN” message.

Alas, we did not get to see the YAY!! message because I’m pretty sure there were 2.5 DVDs for each contestant, so after we all got to pick a DVD, not see a message and collect our gift bags, they decided to put all our numbers into the bin and do one “winner take all” draw. Oh, and the store added 3 $100 gift cards, which were drawn for after the main prize was given away. After all the anticipation of the DVD messages, and a few missing numbers from the bingo bin (mine included), the winner takes all approach was quite anti-climatic when it was all said and done.

Did I mention I received a gift bag??!! Three cheers for swag bags!!

DSC01742 DSC01743

Inside the gift bag: An apron, an oven mitt and a pot holder from EQ3 and some weird radio station branded thing. I’m ridiculously excited for the kitchen stuff. If I can’t win a couch, the next best thing is a black, white and grey striped apron. AND it matches my kitchen, so that’s a bonus.

Perhaps you all can assist me in understanding what this is:

DSC01746It’s not magnetic… some kind of holder?! I’m having flashbacks to my Grandmother, circa 1989. She had something that looks suspiciously like this, and she’d place it on the corner of a table and then hang her purse from it.

But, that’s kind of a lame random giveaway from a radio station… so… I’m confused.

Anyway, a thank you to EQ3 and Virgin for the invitation to the event and the gift bag and, although I didn’t win free furniture, I’m kind of lusting after this clock:Glamour Clock

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  1. September 9, 2010 11:32 pm

    It is so totally a purse holder!! I keep seeing those all over the place. In fact, in Halifax the fancy schmancy steakhouse we went to had those so us ladies didn’t have to put our bags on the dirty floor. And my hair salon had them so you wouldn’t put your purse down and get hair in it.

    Ugly, yet kinda useful!!

  2. September 10, 2010 8:14 am

    Yup, definitely a purse hook! I thought they were the silliest things ever, but I got one in a gift bag once, and they are actually pretty handy. Mine is much prettier though… that one is kinda hick-looking. I guess it’s the thought that counts?

  3. September 12, 2010 9:47 pm

    It’s a purse hook. The newest thing to come back in style. I’ve seen them in many a boutique around town.

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