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The “I’m so tired, I forgot to add a title” post

September 14, 2010

4 weeks

20 days

6 AM workouts

 I can do anything for a month.


 Because clearly I enjoy torturing myself with 5:30AM wake up calls, sore muscles, burpees and rainy day workouts, I’m off to bootcamp every weekday morning for the next 4 weeks.

 This morning was fit test day. The instructor said on more than one occasion that this morning “is not a work out”

 Um, not sure what planet she inhabits, but…

 Anything involving an hour of running, burpees, push ups, crunches, planks and tricep dips is considered a work out in my books.

I haven’t block out enough of my previous bootcamps to forget the soreness, albeit, it won’t fully set in until mid week, but I did forget how hungry I am after early morning workouts.

 So to save my arm from being gnawed off, I’ll eat one of these…

 Might as well add “protein bars” to the list of food items I hoard.

Edited to add:  Just completed morning #2, she wasn’t lying, yesterday was NOT a workout. Holy honey buns, my legs are jello.  I don’t fully wake up until about 6:45AM, which means I do about 75% of the class in a fog and can barely figure out my left from my right, let alone do a coordinated burpee, a step up without almost falling off the bench or running in a straight line.

It’s 8AM and I need a nap… 18 more to go…

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  1. carbzilla permalink
    September 14, 2010 9:00 am

    You can totally do this. I did a 5:30 am one once (3x week) and really learned to make friends with 6:30 am (when we were done, hallelujah). Doing half of it in a fog was actually a blessing.

  2. September 14, 2010 10:31 am

    You’re so brave! I can barely crawl out of bed to get ready for work that early in the morning. I used to get up at 5am every morning to do a dvd workout… but not anymore.

  3. Leah @ Why Deprive? permalink
    September 14, 2010 3:36 pm

    Im totally the person that would do the evening boot camp in rain, sleet, snow, whatever, if it meant I didnt have to get up that early. Im impressed you even got out of bed. Mornings suck.

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