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What I made for dinner

October 10, 2010

Lest anyone think all I do is bake blondies and drink wine (I WISH that is all I did. Truly), I thought I should dispel that notion and show at least one thing I’ve made this week that wasn’t baked. And, shocking, it involves vegetables.

I know.


It doesn’t however involve any of the squash that followed me home last weekend. They are still hanging out, chit-chatting about whatever 4 squash would talk about. If squash could talk, that is.

Anyway, I have a bad habit of never using a recipe. Unless it’s baking because apparently if you deviate too far from those recipes, you end up with baking blunders of epic proportions, not that I’ve ever experienced that before or anything.



The “I can’t believe I had 5 types of beans in my house because I don’t actually like beans” chili. Why use one or two types of beans when you can add 5? Simplicity is overrated.

I just noticed this looks more like corn chili, but trust me, there are beans in there.

I also never labeled my spice jars after I dumped all the spices into them; so in all honesty, I have to test about 4 different jars before I find the spice I’m looking for. This might be the reason this chili is so hot. Not just kind of spicy, but fiery spicy. Somehow instead of regular chili powder, I used the habenero chili powder I had. And then added heaping teaspoons of the stuff; my bad.

In case you’re wondering what is in the chili: onions; garlic; diced red, orange and yellow peppers; one small diced jalapeño; one can of corn; one can of diced tomatoes; one can of crushed tomatoes; one can of red kidney beans; one can of chickpeas; one can of navy beans; one can of black beans; one can of white kidney beans; and way too much chili powder.

Yeah, who knew I had so many kinds of beans in my cupboard? I totally do not remember buying them. Except for the chick peas and navy beans, those I remember buying. I think the other kinds were lonely and just walked on into my pantry.

So there you go, a post that didn’t involve baking or wine.


Wait, I lied.

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  1. Leah @ Why Deprive? permalink
    October 10, 2010 9:48 pm

    Haha you should really label those spices. You never know what might end up in your next meal. 🙂

    The chili looks good though. I’ve never made chili before.

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