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I wish every Monday was a day off

October 12, 2010

Being that today is a stat holiday, one would assume I could sleep for hours.

And you’d be wrong.

I was awake at 7AM.

To say I was annoyed would be an understatement.

I was so bored, I even unloaded the dishwasher.

Confession: While I love having a dishwasher and NOT having to wash dishes by hand, I intensely dislike unloading the dishwasher.

I procrastinate forever on this seemingly simple task.

I’ve reached new levels of procrastination given it’s been 4 days since I turned on the dishwasher.

Clearly, I had to wait until my three favourite mugs were dirty and I would have to wash, by hand, a mug to use for coffee this morning. So I actually had to unload the dishwasher so that I could reload it with the pile of dishes that have accumulated on the counter.

Kind of defeats the purpose.

So, after finally unloading the dishwasher, I swiffered AND mopped the floors, AND watched the Today show AND did a load of laundry AND cleaned my bathroom AND put oil in my car.

PHEW and the clock hadn’t hit 10AM yet.

Since I’d run out of things to do at home, obviously the only thing left to do was to trek* to the Lulu Outlet and see what fun things I could find.

I’ve been hording the stash of gift cards I have and last time I ventured out, I found at $4 toque:


I know, Big Spender. This picture makes it look purple, but it’s not. It’s black. Weird.

The Outlet is pretty hit or miss, some days there is NOTHING and others there are actually items I would want to own, in non florescent colours, and non harem pants.

Seriously, who buys these?!

Anyway, I finally found some items I’ve been eyeing for a while! YAY!

DSC01806 BIG thank you to my friends for the gift cards and for enabling my continued addiction to Lulu.

Then I tried to find a specialty grocery store, and after a few wrong turns, I found out they were closed. I enjoy receiving instructions wherein I’m told it’s “behind the [insert name of car] dealership”, when in fact, it is across the street, down another street, then take a right, drive down that street and it will be on your left. Same instructions. Obviously.

So, instead I came home and roasted 2 of the 4 squash, and some potatoes. Acorn and butternut. Not bad…


*and by trek, I mean, the 13 minutes it took me to get there being that it was a holiday, and most people are still in turkey induced comas. Last time it took me 35 minutes and 3 wrong turns.  Why can’t every day be a holiday Monday?!

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  1. Leah @ Why Deprive? permalink
    October 12, 2010 10:19 pm

    I hate waking up too early when I have the day off. I get SO bored! Its like when I decide randomly to skip my workout and there’s this whole extra hour in my evening all of a sudden and I just sit there with nothing to do.
    The time seems so great when you don’t have it. But then when you do its just kind of like – huh.

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