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What do you do…

October 12, 2010

What do you do when your doctor informs you that you are allergic to 90% of the items in your house?

Well, after a meltdown in the parking lot of Costco, you come home, and pour yourself one of these, DSC01797

because thankfully, grapes are not one of the things you are allergic too.

Of course, you have to use your last remaining bottle rolling pin.DSC01672 But don’t worry, since you’re allergic to gluten, it’s not like you’ll be rolling out dough any time soon.

Well, at least not from the 10kg bag of regular flour sitting in your pantry.

So, while you debate if navy beans are considered kidney beans or not (anyone know?!), you open the fridge and groan at the sheer volume of dairy related products cramming the shelves, if anyone wants Greek yogurt or 15 kind of cheese let me know, and wonder for the 100th time what in heavens name you’re going to make for dinner?

Loosely based on this recipe, and by loosely, I mean, the final product contains squash. And salt.

Take last night’s roasted squash:

DSC01807 Ok fine, last night’s roasted medley of potatoes and acorn, kabocha, butternut squashes. Peel off the skins, because that sounds like a smart thing to do.

DSC01811 Find the vegetable stock and coconut milk from your pantry. Kiss the can of coconut milk because,thankfully, you aren’t allergic to that.

Soy & almond —> you are dead to me now.

This is where you run into some issues. The recipe you’re following, yet clearly already veered so far off course from, calls for curry powder. A scan of your unlabelled spice jars and all your cupboards reveals you do not have said powder.

Frantically Google “alternative to curry powder” and grab turmeric, ground ginger, cinnamon and crushed red peppers.


Ponder why you have turmeric in your pantry anyways, given you’ve never used the spice before. Ever.

Decide to throw a pinch of cinnamon in the mixture, because cinnamon goes with squash, right?!

At this point, you realize why you aren’t part of the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog contest currently underway.


Transfer into a container to take for lunch tomorrow.

DSC01814 Make a note to bring some crumbled goat’s cheese to top off the soup.

Because even if the soup itself doesn’t taste good, at least you can smoother it in goat’s cheese. THE ONLY KIND OF CHEESE YOU CAN EAT.

Sorry, did I just yell that?!

My bad.

Start a box like this.

DSC01815 Toss in some jars of pineapple and peanut butter.

Debate what to do with the box.

Park yourself on your couch to watch Glee, The Good Wife and Parenthood, while googing “how can you be allergic to eggs but not chicken?” and other great mysteries of life.

PS. I’m allergic to beef, lamb, green peppers and asparagus too, but I’ve never liked those to begin with.

PPS. Thank you Heather, Julie & Lindsey. Can I offer you some cheese with my whine?!

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  1. Leah @ Why Deprive? permalink
    October 13, 2010 9:14 pm

    It wont be that bad I PROMISE!! When I was in grade 5 we found out that my brother and I were allergic to eggs, wheat and dairy. There was other stuff too, but those were the worst. I was ten (I think), and I got through it. You’ll get used to it. And goat cheese is good. They sell it CHEAP at Trader Joe’s. Goat milk cheddar is awesome, and so is the mozzarella.

  2. October 15, 2010 5:24 pm

    Holy shiz sister. Well at least now you’ll be busting into a whole new world of recipes. I hope How Sweet has a version of goat cheese blondies for you!

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