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The test kitchen, Part I

October 19, 2010

In the past few days I’ve turned my house into a test kitchen of sorts. A really messy, chaotic, test kitchen, just proving the point that I’m seriously domestically challenged.

Cooking gluten, egg, dairy and soy -free is HARD, people! Those buggers are in everything. I mean everything. And, I may not be the brightest star in the sky. For example, I hadn’t clued into things like Tamari sauce, although wheat-free, is still, you know, SOY SAUCE.

Um, right. Guess I won’t be eating that.

Clearly, I have a lot to learn.

Not one known to take baby steps, I present to you a day in the diary of the domestically challenged gal that I am.


Lunch: Read label on the hummus container I’m currently inhaling. “soybean oil”. Crap. Toss what remains of the container in the garbage. Brainwave! I can make hummus! Google “hummus”. This will save me a trip to the grocery store too!

Recipe ingredients: chickpeas- check!; lemon- check!; garlic- check!; olive oil- check! Tahini- che… no, wait, don’t have that.

Google “Tahini”, sesame seeds and oil. Check and check!

Leave work, stop at the grocery store (wait, wasn’t this supposed ensure I avoided stopping at the store?!), never mind. Talk myself out of buying hummus.

Arrive home, pre-heat over, bake sesame seeds. Spill hot sesame seeds all over my kitchen floor. Salvage remaining seeds into a mini food processor. Blend.

Ok, NOW, I can make hummus.


Locate my food processor, dump in ingredients. Blend. Taste. Ugh, bland. Remember that I buy spicy hummus. Riiiight. Add jalapeño, blend. All done!

Ignore the bottle of wine and the coffee filter in the background— the only two items that haven’t been brutally taken away from me.

What did I learn? It’s much faster to buy hummus, food processors are a pain to clean and I will be finding sesame seeds in my kitchen until New Years.

But wait, I’m not done yet.

Decide to make homemade Nutella, based Julie’s chocolate hazelnut spread.

Roast hazelnuts, manage not to drop them all over the floor.

While the hazelnuts are roasting, chop up dark chocolate. Taste. Ugh. Realize why milk chocolate is so much better. Curse dairy allergy. Notice that your food processor is covered in hummus. Locate bottle of wine. Pour a glass. Clean the food processor. Add ingredients to the food processor and proceed to dump cocoa powder everywhere.

DSC01859 Turn on the food processor. Briefly wonder if it is going to blow up. Drink wine. Notice it’s more of a thick sauce, not so much of a spread.

DSC01863 Realize for the hundredth time that the lighting in the house is horrible and my photography skills are seriously lacking.

Debate what to do with the spread. Rummage through the freezer. Add frozen bananas to the food processor. Blend. Wonder again if the food processor is going to blow up.DSC01861

Sometimes I surprise myself with the picture taking.

Padlock chocolate hazelnut banana soft serve in the freezer.

Tackle dishes. Realize dinner hasn’t been made yet. That’s a whole other post.



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  1. October 20, 2010 7:33 pm

    You can get milk chocolate with all sorts of alternative milks (not just soy). I’ve had it with hazelnut milk. Wicked expensive but worth it sometimes.


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