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The morning I almost cried at bootcamp

October 1, 2010

Yet another  5:30AM wakeup call, where I may have debated for 15 minutes with myself whether I was actually going to get out of bed or flip over and get an extra hour of sleep. Lesson learned, if I can debate for 15 minute at 530AM, I can most definitely get my butt out of bed and down the street to bootcamp.

We did more abs. Frankly, I’d rather do abs than sprints around the field.

The slumbering homeless people were there for a 5th straight day.

I have yet to understand how they can sleep through approximately 20 people working out about 50 feet from them. I mean really, I can hear the runners across the field, and the guys in the tennis courts, how can they not hear us trampling around the school yard?!

Anyway. Moving on.

Have I ever discussed my favourite pair of workout pants?

Here meet them:

cresent pant

I had to steal the picture of ebay. It’s hard to find a picture of these pants nowadays.

See, one of the very first pairs of lulus I owned were these wonderful pants. I looooooved them. I was in college, which means it’s was back in the Mad Men era. Just kidding. Kind of.

It would have been around the time the Euro, Nunavut and Napster came into existence. (thank you wikipedia). If you don’t feel like guessing when that was, we were all "partying like it’s 1999" as per Prince’s instructions, because, it was 1999.

People thought it was insane to pay $50 bucks for a pair of workout pants, oh how times have changed, now I’d be overjoyed to find a decent pair of running pants for $50. Clearly, I plunked down my cash and brought home a pair of these wonderful, heavenly pants.

I am 99.9% positive I take better care of my workout clothes than my handbags. It’s like I know I can find another fabulous handbag, but I will never, ever, ever be able to replace any comfy workout gear.

I wore those pants for so long I wore them out. As in, the seams were coming apart and the pants had started to pill. Finally, after 10 long years, I retired them to a  place of honour in my closet. I’d bring them out  for special occasions (aka total sick days where I did nothing but watch hours of tv, but felt infinitely better for being able to do so while wearing my beloved crescent pants, even if  I could never leave the house in them). When I packed up my house and put everything into storage back in April, I finally parted with my pants. It was long overdue (if you did the math… ELEVEN YEARS!!!) but it was still sooooo sad. I think of my pants often.

I have never seen them again in any Lulu store, I might even stalk the website in hopes they bring them back just one more time. I also stalk the website for  my favourite tshirt, and the Deep V Tank. Many a competitor has tried to emulate the crescent, trust me, I’ve bought them all and they have all failed.

Then this morning, as I’m trying to distract myself from the sheer torture of side planks, I notice the woman next to me. I didn’t notice the fact that she was doing the side plank perfectly, even had the top leg lifted AND was doing the side twists. Seriously sick, I tell you. No, I noticed her pants. Her CROPPED CRESCENT LULULEMON PANTS.

I dropped to my mat in total shock. Okay, honestly, it was because I couldn’t hold that stupid plank one more second, but seriously. SHE HAS THE PANTS!!!

I worked up the courage to talk to her and finally, I remarked how much I missed my crescent pants, and she replied, "I know, they are my favourites, I’ve had them… 10 years?!"


And that my friends, is how I almost cried at bootcamp over a pair of pants.

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  1. Leah @ Why Deprive? permalink
    October 3, 2010 3:21 pm

    hahaha I so wasnt expecting this story to be about pants when I saw the title. 🙂

    Also, has Nunavut really been around since 1999? I still forget its there.

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